NorthConnex Tunnel
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NorthConnex is the longest road tunnel project in Australia. The two main NorthConnex tunnels are each around nine kilometres long. Additional tunnels will be excavated for on and off-ramps at both the Northern and Southern interchanges. A map of the project alignment is available.

The deepest part of the NorthConnex tunnel will be around 90 metres in order to pass under the NorthWest Rail Link tunnel at Beecroft. More than half the tunnel is more than 60 metres deep – about the height of the Sydney Opera House. To find out how deep the tunnel will be in your area visit the tunnel depth map and fact sheet.

Roadheaders are being used to excavate the tunnels through Hawkesbury sandstone and Ashfield shale.

Tunnelling will occur under individual properties for around one week. To find out the latest on tunnelling activities, visit here.

Tunnelling activities will be supported from four main construction worksites: 
       1. Southern interchange      
      2. Wilson Road tunnel support facility     
      3. Trelawney Street tunnel support facility      
      4. Northern interchange  
These sites will provide power supply, ventilation, water supply, construction water treatment plants, workforce facilities, spoil handling facilities and connections to existing roads.

Work to connect the tunnels to existing roads involves earthwork, widening bridges, drainage work and installation of new pavement and signage. This work is underway on Pennant Hills Road at the southern and northern interchanges, along the Hills M2 Motorway extending around 3.5 kilometres from Pennant Hills Road to Windsor Road and along the M1 Pacific Motorway extending around 200 metres north of the Edgeworth David Avenue overpass.

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